Our corporate and commercial practice has been one of the oldest in Limassol, being one of the first areas of practice since the establishment of our firm in 1980.

We offer a complete range of services, including:

• Company formation and incorporation.
• Corporate maintenance, secretarial and registered office services.
• Mergers and acquisitions.
• General day to day corporate management.
• Shareholder agreements.
• Corporate restructuring.
• Capital raising and reduction.
• Creation and enforcement of preferential rights.
• Minority oppression.
• General corporate and commercial litigation.
• Employment agreements and disputes.
• Partnerships and governing agreements.
• Trusts.
• Charities.
• Joint ventures.
• Franchise agreements.
• Distribution agreements.
• General commercial planning.
• Trusts.
• Tax.
• Property acquisition.
• Confidentiality agreements.
• Data protection.
• E-commerce.
• Electronic payment systems.
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