Pro Bono

We would like to make the following statement as to the issue of pro bono work.

As part of our corporate social responsibility and our commitment to aid as far as we can those who serve the public benefit, we have over the years been more than happy to offer our services to charitable or public benefit institutions and organisations, on a pro bono basis and without any charge or other consideration.

Likewise, we have been more than happy to assist on a pro bono basis several individuals that were genuinely unable to have access to legal services due to limited funds.

We have offered and continue to offer our services in such appropriate cases on a pro bono basis based on our strongly held principles and values, but we also strongly believe that such pro bono assistance, which was offered genuinely and without any motive from our part, should remain away from any publicity.

We will accordingly avoid making any public statement as to our pro bono work or engagements.