Property & Real Estate

The area of Law dealing with property and real estate matters has been one of our main areas of practice since our establishment in 1980.

Whether you or your company face a problem in relation to your property or property owned by another person, or if you are simply seeking to buy or sell your property in Cyprus, our team members can guide you through the whole process, and also act in litigation if things go wrong.

Our services include:

• Advice on how to purchase or sell property in the Republic of Cyprus, close monitoring of the process, review and inspection of all relevant documentation, drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements or any other documents.
• Advice, guidance and procedure management when buying property for the purposes of obtaining Citizenship or Permanent Residency in the Republic of Cyprus.
• Provision of services in relation to the transfer of property upon sale, as well as all procedures which must be followed with the Lands Registry Office.
• Advice on VAT and tax liability.
• Provision of services in relation to payment of taxes and annual property government fees and guidance on all property tax schemes and regulations, including Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.
• Property management.
• Renting or leasing property in the Republic of Cyprus, advice on the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords and guidance for resolution of disputes, as well as legal representation in litigation.
• Legal advice on matters relating to land, such as easements or any other rights granted to third persons, as well as matters relating to communal areas or buildings, including communal building management and dispute resolution relating to such matters.
• Construction disputes.
• Guidance on matters such as neighbouring nuisance affecting your property.
• Property registration.
• Legal advice on mortgages and other property charges.
• Litigation, legal representation and dispute resolution arising from the ownership of property in the Republic of Cyprus.
• Compensation for compulsory acquisitions.
• Compulsory acquisition litigation, including claims for compensation of tenants and other affected persons.
• Recovery of land for non implementation of the subject matter of the acquisition.


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