Wills & Probate

We have significant experience and expertise in will drafting and all matters relating to the administration of the estate of a deceased person.

Our team can act both as legal counsel and as personal representatives of deceased persons, alleviating clients of the troubles and worries of the process, up to the stage of the final distribution of the estate of a deceased.

Probate services include the management of the Estate, the arrangement of all issues relating to taxes and debts, the transfer of the Estate to heirs and most importantly all necessary legal actions.

We can assist with:

• Will drafting and execution.
• Amendments to wills and codicils.
• General probate processes and litigation.
• Administration of estate.
• General advice and estate planning.
• Application and planning under the applicable EU Regulation and other international instruments on cross border succession.
• Heirs’ succession arrangement agreements.
• Heirs’ rights and obligations.
• Creditors’ remedies.
• Clearance of taxes and obligations.


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